Sunday, February 15, 2015

How To Protect Your Most Valued Possession: Thief-Proof Your Luxury Cars

There are many benefits a luxury car can provide, but one downside of driving it is probably becoming a highlight to thieves everywhere you go. Let’s face it, no matter how safe your neighborhood is, chances are, your car will be in for a threat at one point or another. Maybe not in your own neighborhood, but when you take it out for a ride or when you park it elsewhere, the danger of having your car stolen exists.

Being named a “luxury car” makes it more vulnerable to car theives. But being labeled as a luxury car doesn’t make it impossible to be stolen. Among the many cars available out in the market, luxury cars may provide safety features during driving, but the safety features doesn’t seem to cover the possibility of the car being stolen. So what cars are prone to be stolen?

According to The Guardian, in the article Thieves target luxury Range Rovers with keyless locking systems:

“For most of us telling an insurance company that we park on the street outside our house pushes up premiums, but for owners of new Range Rovers it could make their car uninsurable. A spate of thefts means that some insurers are refusing to cover Range Rover drivers in London unless they have somewhere secure to park their car.

The models favoured by thieves are those with “keyless” ignition systems, which they have found a way to break into using a handheld device. Figures from the Metropolitan police show that between January and July 2014 almost 300 Range Rover Evoques and Range Rover Sports were stolen, along with 63 BMW X5s and Series 3 models. As a result, some insurers are making off-road parking a provision when they agree to cover these vehicles and insisting that drivers buy specialist security devices.”

Explained further in the article Secrets of how car thieves use hi-tech scanners to reprogramme electronic keys and swipe top executive models to be revealed by BBC Watchdog:

“The secret of how criminals are using easy-to-buy electronic scanners to steal some of Britain’s most popular executive cars in under 60 seconds – and without a scratch – is to be controversially revealed on screen by investigators at BBC Watchdog.

Experts say it highlights a major flaw in the security of leading luxury cars – including BMWs, Audis and Land Rovers. 

But the programme, to be shown on Thursday, has provoked fury even before it has been aired among car-makers who say the problem is not a weakness in car security – but the failure of law-makers to ban the general sale of the devices which allow the thieves to gain entry to the vehicles before driving them away.”

A new and safe way to keep your luxury cars is by using a new product called The SafeT Pedals. Here’s a video that will explain the product more:

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